Lot Number:9
Start Time:11/20/2021 1:00:00 AM
End Time:11/21/2021 3:32:16 AM
Bid Count:1
Winning Bidder:2****0
Starting Bid:$1,500.00
Bid Increment:$250.00
Current Bid:$1,500.00
Bidding complete

COMMENTS:Really an interesting female here. She’s out of a first-calf heifer and has been sharp in both appearance and color from the start. Is good haired, long spined and is heavy muscled, yet maternal in her general appearance. She is already consistently cycling with heats on a pin-point kind of schedule. Never tested, but I’d guess she’s TH Clean.
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All bidding and payments are in US Dollars. All funds are to be made payable(personal or corporate check, cashier check, or money order are all acceptable) to STEERBIDDER, 308 Ilion Ave, Chariton, IA 50049; contact Ashlynn Rosa, 515-360-3229, to confirm payment arrangements. Full payment must be received before any lots can leave the property. YOUR CREDIT CARD USED TO REGISTER WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED. YOU ARE GIVEN THE OPTION TO SEND PAYMENT. If paying via PAYPAL, an additional 3% processing fee must be applied. Transportation/Shipping costs will be in addition to sale price and will be coordinated with the sellers.

Payment and/or payment arrangements must be coordinated within 1 week of the sale date. Credit card payments will be assessed a 3% fee.

INVOICING: An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to each buyer's registered email address within 24 hrs of the sale ending. If an invoice is not received, please call Ashlynn Rosa 515-360-3229.

DELIVERY OF PURCHASES AND FEES: Each buyer is responsible to coordinate delivery OR shipping and buyer is to cover all cost of shipping. Purchases may be picked up after full payment is received.

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Despite efforts to avoid the withdrawal of lots from the auction sale after they are listed, it may sometimes be necessary to withdraw lots, therefore, the Owner/Seller reserves the right to do so at any time before or during the sale.






With this option, all lots will close simultaneously. A few benefits to this style of auction - Buyer has the CHOICE to switch to any lot in the offering if he is outbid on his current choice; buyer does not have to deal with the "seller's order" of sale because all lots are offered and bid on simultaneously; and the buyer has true choices and more time to make decisions. 

Extended Bidding means that the auction is not declared closed until there have been FOUR minutes of inactivity on this sale. If there is any bidding during the inactivity period, the auction is extended until there is no bidding for FOUR minutes during the inactivity period. You can always check the time remaining, the information appears under each lot. For this sale, the extended bidding period is 4 minutes. 

**Example 1: Auction closes at 6 PM. There is no bidding from 5:56 PM to 6 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 6 PM. 

**Example 2: Auction closes at 6 PM. There is a bid placed at 5:57 PM. Auction is extended by 4 minutes. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 6:01 PM. 

**Example 3: Auction closes at 6 PM. There is a bid placed at 5:57 PM. Auction is extended by 4 minutes until 6:01 PM. Another bid is placed at 6:00 PM. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 6:04 PM.

Bidding can be done here online. For assistance with your online bidding call Ashlynn Rosa 515-360-3229 or Chris Rosa 641-203-1686.

To Bid: click on ALL ITEMS above after the catalog is posted, scroll to the lot you want to place a bid and/or max bid on, place a bid, then scroll to the bottom of the page and insert your bidder number and password and follow the screens and finalize your bids.

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HENRIETTA, Texas 76365
United States


BROCK & KRISSA WELSHANS - 734-368-4006

All cattle must be picked up within 10 days of the conclusion of the sale, or a $10/day feed and yardage will be applied, unless prior arrangements are made. Brock Welshans Show Cattle expects payment in the form of Cash or certified check/money order before any livestock is exchanged. All other payments are due to STEERBIDDER immediately following the sale. There is no implied guarantee of temperament, fertility, soundness or any other uncontrollable conditions or circumstances. 

Delivery Methods:

Delivery of stock will be available to anyone needing assistance. Transportation cost may vary depending on location; however, we are happy to assist with any arrangements! Shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Special Terms for Frozen Embryos:

Seller guarantees the establishment of at least one 90-day pregnancy per package if the following conditions are met: The transfers must take place in the calendar year of the sale date; and transfers are performed by a licensed embryologist. In the event that buyer obtains no pregnancy from embryos transferred, sale credit or additional embryos of equal value from the seller will be provided at no cost. Buyer is responsible for any and all cost associated with shipping. Embryos harvested at Trans Ova Genetics or Donor Solutions and are stored at one of those establishments. 

Special Terms for Right To Flush:

Flush can and should take place immediately. We are willing to work with buyer on time schedule.  Donor is housed and managed by Donor Solutions, INC. at Rensselaer, IN. Trans Ova Genetics is to do the flush work, whether buyer chooses to IVF or Conventional flush method for the donor. Regardless of the flush/collection method, seller guarantees buyer 6 transferrable embryos and 4 pregnancies. There is no cap on number of embryos generated from this flush. Buyer is responsible for any and all expenses involved with making viable embryos. Buyer is simply purchasing the right to use the donor for her genetics. 

Delivery Methods:

Shipping arrangements can be made at any time. If buyer would prefer to pick up their purchases, that is also an option. If Buyer chooses to have their embryos shipped, all costs will be at their expense.