Thank you for viewing our 7th annual female sale.  It is truly humbling the amount of champions, high sellers, donors and success stories that our female sales have created in such a short amount of time.  Even more humbling is the amount of new and repeat customers we get to meet and talk to every year and the friendships we have gained as a result of doing what we love.  It is a result of our daily and longstanding commitment to only the best.  We have upped the game this year once again with our best and most diverse set of breds.  Nowhere will you find a set this long necked, stout, hairy, and big boned and still have phenomenal structure, softness and functionality.  The first thing we look at when breeding and selecting our females is structure starting at the pasterns and we are especially proud of that in this group.  Given that the videos are on cornstalks if you question anything you see in the videos feel free to ask for a cell phone video, we can go take one on firm ground and you won’t be disappointed.  As a service to you we have included extended pedigrees and extensive TH, PHA and DS testing so you can take the animal home and use it your advantage.  With the battery of high quality bulls available to us today DNA status does not matter because there are options to take the phenotype advantages from being a certain carrier and use that to your advantage while breeding around it.  After the sale we are here to help with any breeding or marketing advice we can give to help you succeed.  We love to talk about the cattle so please call anytime with any questions.


Thank you,

Chad, Sara, JD, Tucker and Brody Thompson 


Retaining two IVF cycles with an average of 6 viable embryos each at buyers convenience and seller’s expense on all females in the offering.


Vaccinations:  All bred heifers were fully calfhood vaccinated and boostered and have had their pre-breeding shots and boosters before breeding. 

Scour shots and boosters have been given with the following:  Guardian, Clost. Type A, and Endovac.  They have recently been poured so nothing should need done until pre-breeding shots after they calve.


Breeding Guarantee:  All females sold under the condition “safe in calf” as attested to by a licensed veterinarian and sell with no further guarantee.  No guarantee is given that the female will deliver a live calf.  Our vet’s preg results have been 99.9% accurate over the years but there is a rare chance a female could be bred a cycle ahead or a cycle back.  The heifers in this sale were cleaned up with a Gold Standard Son and an I-80 Son.  A 283 day gestation table was used to compile the due dates.


Breed Registration:  All cattle are registerable to the breed and percentage listed on the sale and will be registered and transferred upon request.


TH, PHA, DS info:

-THF=TH Free, THC=TH Carrier etc.

-By pedigree means that the dam or grandam was tested and no test was necessary.

-If nothing is listed for a trait either no test was done or a sample failed.


$300 Calving Option.

We calve them out.  Buyer pays any additional vet expenses and daily feed expenses after calving until pickup.  No guarantee of a live calf but they will have the best of care. 



Dick Coleman will be scheduling loads starting Monday morning and will be hauling with two trailers within a few days of the sale to get your purchases to you in a timely manner.  Average cost will be $250-$350 per head.

Dick Coleman 765-461-0954


Sale Consultants:

Tim Heckman             309-255-0199

Jake Lee                      608-495-9215

Chris Ford                   605-690-5614

Chad Forman              605-216-1490


Call:  Thompson Show Steers

Chad Thompson 605-350-9567

Sara Thompson 605-690-7030

Jamie Rasmussen 605-661-7104


If you are busy on sale night and are not able to sit and watch the sale and bid please call Chad Thompson or Chris Rosa 641-203-1686 and we will be happy to bid for you and contact you if you get outbid.


Cattle are available for viewing anytime.



Thompson Show Steers

36951 229th St. Wessington Springs, SD 57382

36951 229th St., Wessington Springs, South Dakota 57382
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