6334 SCR 57 - MIZE, MS 39119

JUSTIN SULLIVAN 601-540-1749

Welcome to the first ever public offering, of bred females to sell from the heart of our herd . Having a bred cow sale is something I have wanted to do for several years. 

Due to our numbers, I am finally able to offer some of  the “good stuff” and not have “just a cow sale”.

With that being said all cattle sale as is, where is, without any implied guarantees. These females are cows that have been put to work for us and are proven producers . We run a complete herd health assessment and cull for docility and production ability . 

We work our cattle twice a year in the spring and fall . All cattle are wormed , given multi-min, IBR-BVD, and genetic tested. The females sell guaranteed bred as the information on each lot is listed . These females were all ultra-sounded or sleeved to insure the correct pregnancy which Is also listed with each lot. 

We would be more than happy to help our customers market the offspring from any of the females sold .

Thanks for taking the time to view the stock! 

         Delivery of stock will be available to anyone needing assistance. Transportation cost may vary depending on location; however, we are happy to assist with any arrangements! Shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer. 

Contact: Theo Rogers 

(210) 452-1676

San Antonio,TX

All cattle must be picked up within 10 days of the conclusion of the sale, or a $10/day feed and yardage will be applied, unless prior arrangements are made. Payment in the form of Cash or certified check/money order before any livestock is exchanged. All other payments are due to STEERBIDDER immediately following the sale.

6334 SCR 57, MIZE, Mississippi 39119
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