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All bidder names will be kept strictly confidential during the bidding process.  Animals will start at $1400 and  bids must be placed in $100 increments.  Once a calf is at $2,000, bidding will be in $250 increments.

In “retaining an option to flush”, we reserve the future right to one successful flush or a share in two successful flushes at the buyer’s convenience.  The seller will pay for his portion of the expenses occurred in those flushes.

Initial bids must be submitted by dark on Wednesday, September 20, 2022.  The sale will be conducted by telephone, so the customer must be able to receive calls in order to improve their respective bid.  The sale will reach a prompt conclusion.

No calves will be released without a secure form of payment.  Calves may be picked up beginning Friday, September 22, 2022. All calves must be picked up by October 15, 2022.  Any calves picked up after this date will be assessed a $3 per day charge.

We guarantee all sire and birth date information.  All calves are sold “as is” with no implied guarantee of quality, soundness, fertility, etc.  If you have any reservations, please don’t bid.  All sales are considered to be final.

Risks: The animal becomes property of the purchaser after September 20, 2022.  The purchaser is to assume the risk for death or injury.  The seller assumes no responsibility for injury or loss of livestock due to theft, sickness, or act of God.  

Accidents:  The seller assumes no liability for any accident that may occur to any person viewing cattle the day of the sale or prior to that date. 

Announcements:  All statements made at the sale take precedence over this sale information.

We appreciate your interest and continued support.

73150 C RD, BERTRAND, Nebraska 68927
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